Byron Bay, NSW, 2481, Australia

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Ohana Retreats is a rainbow collective of talented individuals with wide-ranging skills. Together, we're able to guide and support anyone seeking a nurturing environment in which to relax, unwind and grow.

We offer years of training in everything from yoga, meditation and psychotherapy to bodywork, physical habilitation and much more. Supported by experienced leadership and group facilitation, we're all about creating a fun, supportive and inspiring environment for our guests.


Matt Mostyn
Retreat host/ coordinator/ 
massage therapist
Jen Kyna
Retreat host/ facilitator/ 
yoga teacher
James Orchiston
Retreat host/ facilitator
Lyndon Barei
Retreat facilitator/ psychotherapist
Irene Quintavalle 
Ka Huna bodyworker
Miles Sanderson
Retreat host/
facilitator/ therapist
Jonathan Brett
Retreat facilitator/
resident GP
Courtney Webb
Retreat host/ facilitator/ 
habilitation teacher
Cal Snell
Horse-riding safaris
Swami Turiyananda
Yoga teacher/Shiatsu & Reiki
Kathryn Anderson
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