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We’re currently expanding our team, both around Australia and internationally. If you think you have the skills to facilitate, or be part of the team at an Ohana retreat, we’d love to hear from you.


We offer the support and guidance to get you up and running, with all the benefits of being part of a growing and well-publicised network.

One of the biggest hurdles in offering these kinds of retreats is the time, resources and expertise required to develop your network, your website, social media and brand identity, and generate the publicity needed for success. As part of the Ohana Retreats team, you’ll be able to use our resources to effectively plan and run an event, our website and related sales materials to promote it, and our media connections to help your community to hear about it.

Who we’re looking for

You could already be an experienced event facilitator, or perhaps you’re just passionate about the idea of leading groups and helping them to have amazing experiences. We’re looking for people from the LGBTQI community with confidence, passion and great people-skills. Perhaps you’re a life coach, a natural therapies practitioner (such as a health & wellness professional, yoga teacher or massage therapist etc), or even an actor or performer looking to move into this sphere. Whatever your background or location, if the idea of working with us to produce your own event for the LGB community appeals, we want to hear from you.


We’re also looking for team members who can provide support in the form of facilitation support, wellness activities like yoga and meditation teaching, bodywork, life-skills workshops, counseling and psychotherapy ­– and we’re open to hearing about any other unique skills you might have that could add value to these types of weekends.

What we offer

We have a tried and trusted operational ‘template’ and can provide you with all the resources you need to plan and structure a successful event. From sourcing a venue and publicising it via our website and social media, to promoting it via our existing connections with gay media outlets, taking bookings and payments, and even liaising with attendees and answering enquiries in the run-up to your event, the hardest, most time-consuming aspects are all taken care of.


We work on a % commission basis – so there’s no membership fee payable in order for you to join our team. This means that we’re just as invested as you are in ensuring that your retreat is booked out, and in guaranteeing great experiences for your attendees.

Next steps

Send us an email outlining your skills and experience, and tell us a bit more about what kind of event you’d like to run.


You can either use one of our five existing event themes, or suggest your own.

From there, we’ll arrange a Skype chat to get to know you a bit better, and if you fit the bill, we’ll work with you to get your first retreat up and running.


Drop us a line at


We look forward to hearing from you!

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