Byron Bay, NSW, 2481, Australia

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Swami Turiyananda
Yoga teacher/Shiatsu & Reiki

Turiyaji has been dedicated to the practices of meditation, self-inquiry and yoga for over 15 years, having lived immersed in an Ashram dedicated to the spiritual journey and transformation for the last 10. Meditation and self-inquiry transformed his experience of life, connecting him to a deeper part of himself and greatly increasing self-awareness and the ability to work to uplift negative states of mind.

Turiyaji loves guiding people into an experience of meditation, where they can find relief from life’s stresses, and enjoy new insights, meaning and connection as they begin to dismantle the blockages that separate us from a natural state of peace, joy, love and inspiration.

Alongside his yogic practices, Turiyaji has over 10 years experience as a Shiatsu and Reiki practitioner, and brings a quality to treatments that comes from years of meditation practice. In treatment he has a sensitive touch which transmits a deeply healing, relaxing and nourishing energy, putting you in a timeless space where you can surrender and let go, to feel deeply relaxed.

Turiyaji has dedicated his life to serving and uplifting others. He is committed to creating a space for people to go deeper into themselves, and to support them in awakening to their true nature.

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